Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga is a technic that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the nurturing qualities of healing arts. These three combined set the basis of a practice that cultivates power, trust, balance and playfulness.


Acro Yoga consists of three main elements:

  • Solar Acrobatics: The most dynamic part of Acro Yoga, that uses gymnastic technic to strengthen the body, improve flexibility, develop trust and inspire teamwork amongst the practitioners.
  • Lunar Healing Arts: The practices of Thai massage, distension, therapeutic flying and partner yoga.
  • Yoga: The physical, respiratory and spiritual practices of traditional yoga.

There are three basic roles in the practice of acro yoga:

  • Base: The person that maintains the most contact with the ground. The main contact points with the flyer are the palms and the feet. A characteristic of a good base is being able to support the flyer and inspire trust.
  • Flyer: The person that is off the ground supported by the base. In the solar (acrobatic) part of the practice the flyer may move in a series of dynamic positions using the base but maintaining their independence, while in the lunar (therapeutic) part they are required to let themselves be manipulated by the base and be released to gravity’s pull. A skillful flyer is required to have good balance, confidence and a powerful core.
    The main requirement though is trust between the flyer and the base.
  • Spotter: The person that maintains an objective view of the flyer and the base and is the channel of communication between the two. This role offers the ability to correct any mistake and to guide the other two so as to safely improve their practice. Each person has a natural tendency towards one of these roles. Ideally, when immersing themselves in this practice, one can learn to interchange roles.


* Acro yoga Jam: A free meeting for personal practice, improvisation and experimentation, outdoors or indoors, rather than a class or a workshop. You need no previous experience on acro yoga! This is a game where knowledge and techniques are exchanged aiming at the development of personal practice, and a great chance to meet other people involved or interested in the practice of acro yoga.


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