Despina Moysidou

Despina Moysidou, a descendant of traditional healers, has had existential quests since she was a child and that led her to study Theology, Astrology and Psychology. She was trained in SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), EFT (Emotional Release Technic), Reiki, Tantra and the teaching of shamanism and the traditional shamanic treatment of the Q’eros of the Andes by important teachers. During her training in the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, the change of perception she was looking for took place, as in the two-year course of this training she experienced liberation from pain and fear, acceptance of her shadow and herself and the establishment of bliss, balance and inner peace. Since then, her way of living is defined by the principles of harmony, reciprocity, love and constant evolution, and leads an exciting daily life.


After graduating from the Medicine Wheel in December 2012, Despina practices energy shamanic healing and teaches the shamanic knowledge she received from Elizabeth B. Jenkins, Don Juan Nunez & Ivan Del Prado, Don Americo & Gayle Yabar, Roel Fredrix and Jane Rigby. At the same time, she is a teacher of teenagers, a seminar presenter, a coordinator-animator of groups and an educator of adults and teenagers in matters of Environmental Education and Personal Development. She shows a significant volunteer role and has collaborated with many agencies, institutions and non-profit organizations in Greece and Europe, always with the aim of lifelong learning and the vision of personal and collective development.

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