Eva Kechagia

Eva was born in July 1994 in Thessaloniki from where she left at 18 in order to study Sociology in Rethymno. Few years later the beginning of her master’s degree brought her to Athens where she lives until now writing her PhD in the field of political philosophy.


The ever first meeting with yoga was a pure accident; her journey began from aerial yoga but promptly vinyasa stole her heart, she has been practicing Vinyasa since then.

One of her favourite moments throughout the practice is inversions, these moments of levitation are for sure soul-stirring. Those moments seemed really distant and unfamiliar at the beginning.


Eva has completed her teacher training program in Vinyasa Krama next to Panos Katsandris (Evergreen Yoga Studios/ 200 RYT Yoga Alliance) (2022). This apprenticeship made her love even more the asana as long as the bodies which exercise it. She is a certified Kids yoga teacher (ages between 3-17, inclusive for neurodivergent kids and adolescents) (little yogis/ 200 RYT Yoga Alliance International) (2023), as well as a Thai massage certification holder (Spiti Yoga/ 90hrs training program) (2022-23).


The purpose and the method behind her teaching lies in critically both to difficulties she encounters/ encountered and to transcendences of those. Her mat is for her like a board into the oceans’ classroom, upon the mat she can express and can be expressed any kind of feeling. Asana is for her nothing more than a capable tool to come into contact with every aspect of everyday life which fall though of net or is repelled. This kind of time and space for the self wants to cultivate and contribute to her students inside the practice.

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