Evangelia Kouloglou

evangelia-kouloglouEvangelia was born in Athens in 1973. She first experienced the healing benefits of complementary health treatments in 1998 during her first trip to Asia (India) with Reiki treatments. In 2003 she completed a 4-year course of the Shiatsu education in N.H.S. She continued with postgraduate studies (2 years) and teacher training (2 years) at the Shiatsu College (England) with prominent teachers, such as Cliff Andrews, Carola Baresford Cooke, Paul Lundberg, etc. She attends seminars around the world every year. Since 2010 she is in charge of Sensei Ohashi’s seminars in Greece and she teaches in the OM Training Center.


Furthermore, Evangelia has attended the following seminars: Rejuvance (Bioenergetic lifting), lymphatic facial massage, cosmetic acupuncture (intradermal needle or intradermal needle-free), cupping therapeutic massage and moxibustion, onsite massage, Asian massage (Thai massage and Shiatsu massage with oil) and Sotai (corrective exercises). Finally, Evangelia provides treatments of Shiatsu massage, Sotai and cupping massage and moxibustion.

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