Giannis Emmanouilidis

giannis-emmanouilidisGiannis was born in Kavala in 1987 and developed a great interest in sports from a young age initially as an athlete of indoor climbing, gaining recognition on a National level. He continued as an athlete of gymnastics, until the moment he realized his passion for dance and started practicing Breakdance.


At the age of 18, Giannis decided to broaden his education and pursued an all rounded professional dance training. He attended the Greek National School of Dance and the professional Dance Academy “Rallou Manou”. After the completion of his training he lived and worked as a dancer and dance instructor in Barcelona and in Paris. When he returned to Greece he collaborated with many contemporary dance groups and continued to teach contemporary dance, Breakdance and House dance.


Besides his dance training, his love for fitness led him to further study as a personal trainer in the fitness Academy “Base Training”. He is a certified Personal trainer under the International Organisation of Health and Fitness ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and a certified instructor in TRX, Vipr and Kettlebells training.


Finally, recognizing the need of a more complete physical training, Giannis continued to broaden his knowledge by studying Pilates, under the guidance of the renowned instructor, Michael King. He is a certified Pilates instructor in MK Pilates both for matwork and Pilates equipment.


His interest as a physical educator is to inspire the love for physical activity while respecting the body and needs of every trainee and to help improve these fitness features leading to a more functional and fulfilling everyday life.

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