Ksenia Kontomanoli

Ksenia Kontomanoli was born in Athens in 1992. She graduated from the State School of Dance (2017) and from the A.F. Studies Academy and is a certified Pilates Instructor – Mat & Props (2021).


She is a dancer (Polina Evangelou 2021 / Hellenic Dance Company 2014-2017 / DAGIPOLI Dance Company 2017 / Anton Lachky 2016), a dance instructor (Ballet, Contemporary, Barre à terre, Pilates) in different studios in Athens, and a choreographer (CIRCA DIEM – Independent Video Dance Production 2021, Compartments Dance Project & Young Artists Festival / To Treno sto Rouf -Railway carriage theatre 2018, Open Studio #13 / Black Box Theatre – KSOT 2017).


Ksenia has attended a number of dance seminars with Inaki Azpilaga, Paul Blackman (flying low-passing through), Ted Stoffer, Linda Kapetanea, Aimilios Arapoglou, Máté Meszáros, Dymitry Szypura, Ricardo Ambrózio, Tanja Mari. In addition to that, she has attended contemporary repertoires like, among others, “Grand Finale” Hofesh Shechter Dance Company Repertory, Pina Bausch Repertory, Jasmin Vardimon Company Repertory, Sasha Waltz Repertory, Rakesh Sukesh (Payatt Intransit master class), Barre Astie master class.


What interests her more is the balance between body and mind, the awareness and the self empowerment that can be achieved through practice. She teaches with a lot of love and care for all bodies, colors, genders and agenders.

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