Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent body detoxifier, as it moves the interstitial fluid of the cells and helps cleanse the lymphatic system. The basic functions of the lymphatic system are the drainage function, the homeostatic function, the defense against external factors, as well as the nutrition of the whole body.


Through lymphatic drainage we increase the lymph’s flow and the emission of toxins; the tissue rejuvenation; the proper functioning of the systems and the organism’s defense. In combination with aromatherapy we can always achieve the best functioning of the organs that lack energy or we can focus on improving the skin.


In Greece, lymphatic drainage massage is associated to cosmetic massage, but in the rest of Europe it works as an additional cancer treatment. Lymphatic massage is completely safe during pregnancy (after the end of the first trimester), as it relieves congestion from fluid retention and discomfort. Also, thanks to its gentle movements, we manage to relax the nervous system resulting in better quality sleep and maximum stimulation of the immune system.

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