Marianna Tressou

Marianna was born in Athens in 1990. She studied at the Philosophy School and at the National Conservatory of Athens. She also took several acting classes.


Marianna came across yoga at 2012 and soon a new world of alternative therapies was revealed to her. She has taken part in numerous retreats and self-awareness seminars, with more recent ones the ‘Mindful Roots-Yoga Ethics’ with Sofia Foskolou and ‘Intro Biomatic Anatomy’ with Maria Papadamaki. Great role in her life’s journey played a self-evolving yoga retreat in Kerala, India, with Maria Papadopoulou and Evaggelos Apostolopoulos.


She practices Reiki (2nd degree healer) according to the traditional Usui System and she is a certified Theta Healer by Think Institute (Basic Theta Healing, Advanced Theta Healing, Manifesting and Abundance). She also practicing Thai massage which she studied with Aspasia Rarri (Nea Guinea N.P.O.), Nektaria Kapoula (Nektar Yoga and Massage) and Roula Papathanasiou (Human Stasis).


Marianna has worked as a therapist at ‘Polis Hammam’, yoga trainings and luxury yachts. Currently, due to her love for music and sound’s therapeutic power, she is participating in ‘Nada Yoga 28h training’ with Maria Papadopoulou.


Marianna has formed her own special massage system: she combines deep tissue massage, thai massage techniques and meditation. She firmly believes in everyone’s uniqueness and free will. During each therapeutic process she is a channel, awakening and boosting the self-cure system of the receiver, helping them listen to their inner voice.

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