Maryanthie Achlioptas

Maryanthie studied Marketing & Communication at the American College of Greece and worked for seven years in the field of Television Media. In 2001 she first started practicing Hatha Yoga. At the instigation of her then teacher, Michalis Filinis, in 2005 she completed her postgraduate studies in London while attending her first private Yoga teacher training. In 2010, seeking a more balanced life, she quits her job and attends the Yogaworks teacher training. Since then she has been working as a yoga teacher, a profession she truly respects and loves.


In 2012, Marianthi completed the first Aerial Yoga training in Greece, as well as a 300H Yoga Teacher training (Hatha, Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga) at the Swaha Yoga Center. A few months later she became a member of the studio and taught there for the next five years.


Her practice, one of dynamic nature, combines the constant awareness of breathing with the aligned performance of the asanas, aiming to reveal the unlimited physical and mental abilities of her students. At the same time, she deepens her practice by attending Yoga seminars in Greece and abroad with excellent teachers such as: David Swenson, Todd Tesen, Rima Rani Rabbath, Eddie Stern, Patrick Broome, Swami Nirvikalpananda, Ty Landrum, Meghan Curry.


Maryanthie feels truly happy doing the best “job” in the world

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