Spiti Yoga

Home (=spiti): a building used for facilitating people. It usually has walls and a roof to protect its inside from rain, wind , heat and cold. It’s also the space that makes a person feel calmness and warmth, where one feels welcome and loved.


Spiti: a space of physical practice and expression that shelters yoga, Pilates and dance classes. My wish is for it to become a meeting place, and reason to get to know people, to excessive and ultimately, for us to have fun together.


Everyone, regardless of age, physical abilities and cultural background, may, if desired – improve the person they are or what they possess, considering they have accepted it first. Spiti hopes to facilitate such travels. Travels of acceptance and self improvement. My desire is to be present in this journey, to share the route, to teach and be taught – to improve my admittedly already adorable existence. Besides, it’s not only the way that matters. It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, Zumba, or growing tomatoes, as long as the goal is observation, understanding and acceptance of what each of us are blessed with. Most importantly, in my opinion, is that we get to enjoy each other’s company. This is my dream and that is also the reason I named the space Spiti smile emoticon home). My wish is that when someone enters the space, they feel as if the enter a friend’s home.


I remember, a few years ago, the first of my teaching career, a student asking: “where’s Anna?” and a voice from the back of the hall answering: “she’s working late and won’t be able to make it.” I realised at that moment that these people, that a few weeks ago weren’t even aware of each other’s existence, now not only knew each other, but knew each other’s schedule. That’s something I had rarely encountered at the classes I was attending and it made me feel blessed that I was leading such a group of people. I considered how lucky these people where to have someone to care for, and that cares about them. They definitely felt less lonely. At that point, my desire to coordinate and organise such a space, was born. Am I a good dancer-teacher-therapist-human being? That’s for you to judge. But I feel that one of my gifts is to be able to gather people around a fire. I receive this feeling constantly from my friends and students and I deeply desire Spiti to be a space in which everyone feels that what they are is enough and unique and beautiful.

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