Barre à Τerre

Using the floor system, the Barre à terre is a technique based on ballet exercises for strengthening legs and abdomen. Apart from strengthening, it helps to increase elasticity, activates arms and legs, wakes smaller muscle groups helping to achieve movements with greater ease and accuracy. As a result, we gain “smart feet” and a strong core.
This is a course that offers the pleasures and empowerment of dancing, but without its technical difficulty. It takes place on the floor, usually accompanied by classical music.


The course is suitable for those involved in anything physical or even for those who want to just turn walking into a pleasant experience. The technique offered in a Barre à terre class can be integrated into any kind of dance, yoga or other exercise. All you need are comfortable clothes, socks, your good mood and your patience for a course that aims to redefine the relationship with your body!

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