EveryBody Yoga

EveryBody Yoga class was inspired and first taught by Gogo Davanelou at Spiti Yoga. The motivation behind it was the teacher’s personal need to follow adjusted positions during her own practice due to her body type. As she firmly believes that extra body weight is not enough reason for anyone not to do what they love, she tried, and still does, to seek ways to overcome physical barriers.


It is a Hatha flow yoga class, with Pranayama, Flow sequencing, and a rather long Savasana. During the class, importance is given on clear instructions, proper body posture and the gradual personal development of each student. As the practice progresses, breathing and flow of the movement become more important, endurance and flexibility increase, balance is built.


EveryBody Yoga class addresses people of all body types, whether they are working out or not, have practiced yoga before or not. People who – incorrectly – believe that yoga applies to a specific audience, and who feel uncomfortable exercising along with others because of their appearance.


“There’s always a way to do something, and if not, it doesn’t matter at all.”

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