Soreos project

The idea for the Soreos project was born from a very simple thought: it’s a pity to have such difficulty expressing or accepting a compliment. It’s very impressive and also enjoyable how embarrassed we feel when someone tells us how beautiful, talented, cute, smart, kind-hearted, and generous we are. At the same time, our positive thoughts for someone often stay inside our heads and cannot be put in words.


It is actually a game of seeking and observing. So, by seeking nice people in our everyday life, we can use this card as a good occasion to talk to someone we think is a nice person – either because they have a nice smile / hair / legs or because they water the neighbourhood trees / stop at zebra crossings when driving / cook and the whole building smells delicious.


How do we play?

  • Did you happen to come across a card? Start looking for a nice person to offer them the card (preferably someone you don’t know well).
  • Has someone offered you this card? In order to get your free trial week, send us an email at with the following: (optional) a photo of yourself, (mandatory) the story in one or two lines (who–when- where- how) & a picture taken by you using your camera or your mobile phone, having as a subject something you like in the city (a person or an object or anything, really).
  • The card can change hands as long as its journey is told («It was offered to me by … who got it from… when…»).
  • Each person can only use ONE card – so in case you are such a nice person and you find yourself with more than one, you will have to offer the extra cards to someone else.


Boring, yet necessary details:

  • The free trial week can be any week of the month, starting Monday and ending Saturday.
  • In your email, do not forget to mention the week you choose to come, as well as your contact info.
  • When you first come, bring your card along.
  • You can try all the classes once!
  • You absolutely need to make a reservation for the classes of Aerial yoga.
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