Holistic therapy with essential oils

Holistic treatment with essential oils is a combination of Swedish massage with stretching techniques, use of Gua Sha, moxa and reflexology that aims at the total renewal of our body and mind. The methods, gentle and relaxing, offer help and relief to many issues we face in everyday life.


The immune system’s boost, the development of proprioception (increased awareness of our body in space), stress relief, the regulation of normal bodily functions, the improvement of gynecological imbalances, the increase of tissue elasticity, better blood circulation, and relief from chronic headaches and insomnia are some of its benefits.


Through massage therapies we can also trigger many emotional imbalances by improving our physicality and especially our sensitivity towards physical contact.


Holistic treatment is aimed at everyone, regardless of age and health status. Its contraindications are minimal as it can isolate techniques and adapt them to a unique treatment for each body.

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