A 60 hour Thai yoga massage training, divided into four weekends.


No previous knowledge on Thai or any other type of massage is required in order to participate in the first two weekends (30 hours). During these four days, basic thai massage techniques for body well-being, stress management and balancing of the vital energy. are taught. In addition, the seminar introduces students to thai oil massage, osteo-thai massage, and the basic body energy channels.


During the next two weekends (30 hours), students become familiar with more sophisticated thai massage techniques, and more emphasis is given on practice itself. In order for students to participate in this second part, the attendance of the first part is a prerequisite.


This training is addressed to health professionals, people who are in contact with physical and mental training systems (such as Yoga), but also to anyone seeking autonomy on health and wellness issues. It aims to broaden our general knowledge of addressing health issues that concern us daily. It is ideal for those who wish to get in touch with this kind of treatment.


Two fully updated manuals will be given to every participant of the training.

A Certification of Attendance will be given to those participating in the first 30 hour training.

The ITM Level 1 Certification will be awarded after the completion of the full 60 hour training.


The Certified Thai Yoga Massage FULL TRAINING will be held during the weekends 23-24/2 + 9-10/3 & 30-31/3 + 13-14/4, 2019. Do you have any questions? Please, ask us!

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