A series of seminars through which we will get to know, not only theoretically but also practically, the effects that the mudras have on our material, mental and energy bodies. Each seminar includes a selection of mudras, hatha yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation, all of which form a comprehensive approach to each subject. It is also important to note that the topics are independent of each other and each lesson is not a continuation of the previous one, as well as that at the end of the class, the thematic theory is provided in electronic form.


Mudras are a combination of intelligently provided body postures, which can alter mood, status, and perception as they deepen awareness and concentration. Although the hand mudras (hasta) are the most prevalent in yoga, there are also body (kaya) and conscious (citta) mudras. Each type is thought to have a specific effect on the body and mind, enhancing the mental and energy centers, while the practice of mudras during asanas enhances the effect and properties of the posture.


The Mudras, the Energy Transformers series of seminars will take place at Spiti Yoga under the guidance of Marianna Kapsimali within six 3-hour meetings on the following Sundays 4/10, 8/11, 20/12, 24/1, 21/2, 21/3 at 16.00-19.00. The cost for every separate meeting is 20 Euros, while the 6-meeting package costs 90 Euros. Do you have any questions? Please, ask us!

In the first part of the seminar, we explore basic motor skills of our muscles and joints, and various ways of contact and interaction between two bodies. Borrowing elements from different contemporary dance techniques, we learn basic techniques and ways of interaction through muscle pressure techniques (feet, hands, fingers, etc.) and through joints movement.


In the second part, we work in couples and offer each other a complete therapy. This includes traditional Thai massage techniques in various positions (prone, supine, lateral and sitting position).


* The Thai massage for dummies s06e01 workshop will be held at Spiti Yoga under the guidance of George Androulakis on Saturday 17/10 at 17.00-22.00. Do you have any questions? Please, ask us!

Whirling is a dance and a meditation in movement. The most known reference is the whirling Dervishes. The practice of whirling can offer many and various benefits, it enables us to get in contact with various parts of ourselves – either close to our awareness, or further away from it. Through it we find strength, joy, relaxation, we’re being moved, and we find a sense of liberation – even the possibility of the ecstatic experience.


In these workshops, we’ll have the opportunity to introduce the beginners to whirling, to recap many of the basic technique issues that have already been touched upon, but also to go deeper and cover more issues as well. Each weekend holds its own theme, but we also follow the group’s dynamic and the special needs that are being present each time. Whirling workshops are open and accessible to anyone who wants to join, and no special background or knowledge of the subject is required. Each one of us finds their way to whirl according to their body and their psycho-emotional state.


* The Whirling workshops will be held at Spiti Yoga under the guidance of Alexandros Farmakis on the following scheduled dates: Weekend 24-25/10 (17.00-21.00 & 13.00-17.00), Saturdays 7/11 & 21/11 (17.00-20.00), Sunday 6/12 (12.00-15.00), and Weekend 19/12 & 20/12 (17.00-21.00 & 12.00-15.00).  Do you have any questions? Please, ask us!

A two-day advanced massage seminar to get acquainted with the intestines (guts) of ourselves and others. Emotional tensions and anxiety, modern lifestyle, inappropriate eating habits, stress levels are some of the factors that justify the expression “I hate my guts”. A quite common phenomenon for sufferers is reflex pain in the lumbar spine: the back hurts, but what really suffers is the abdomen.


Unfolding the thread from the anatomy of the area in question, we will enrich our knowledge and perception through the palpation of the abdominal organs. We will learn easy ways to contact the area, along with ways to enter deeper. So, by applying the appropriate techniques we can achieve the absolute relaxation of the receiver, as well as more chances of release from chronic or ephemeral tensions.


The seminar is addressed to massage lovers with some experience; to everyone who suffers from visceral pain now and then; to anyone who wants to spend a special weekend full of theoretical knowledge and practice.


* The Dynamic Thai massage workshop will be held at Spiti Yoga under the guidance of Vaggelis Baris on the Weekend 12-13/12. Its duration is 12 hours and it costs 90 Euros. Do you have any questions? Please, ask us!

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