Traditional thai massage

Thai massage is a special kind of therapeutic massage, which combines smooth muscle pressure, the use of acupuncture points and the application of passive stretching for improved body alignment. With characteristic wisdom, gentleness and dynamics, a session covers the entire body, “unlocks” the accumulated tensions of the body and the energy level, aiming to remove stress and provide a deep sense of relaxation.


The benefits of a session:
Thai massage is a wonderful combination of energy and physical exercise for body and mind alike with benefits such as:

  • Relief from stress and strain
  • Improvement of sleep and deep relaxation
  • Relief of myoskeletal pain in most common cases (back, neck, shoulders, legs, etc.
  • Improvement of the mobility in the joints
  • Improvement of the posture and body alignment
  • Activation and improvement of the immune function
  • Improvement of the bowel function
  • Stimulation of the activity of the nervous system
  • Improvement of the function of the circulatory system
  • Improvement of body awareness and breathing
  • Reconnection of the power of body, mind and spirit
  • Creation of a feeling of wellness and rejuvenation

Thai massage is one of the three main branches of traditional Thai medicine. The other two being a balanced diet and the use of herbs to cure diseases of the physical body and the practice of meditation for healing the mind and emotional pain.

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